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Tom Casey

About Tom Casey:


I have been coaching golf for over 20 years. I also coached high school golf at Lansdale Catholic High School and Mount St. Joseph's.

I have been an instructor at LuLu Country Club, Flourtown Country Club and Lower State Road driving range. During my career and my multiple experiences I am thrilled to be back at LSRDR!


I am a certified coach with GFX, partner of Orange Whip Training aid products, that focuses on the physical side as well as the golf side of the swing.

No one swing is the same, my focus is to find the best matchup for you!




PGA Professional
US PGA Class A. Member

- (USPGA) Golf academy - Seoul, Korea

Director of Instruction (2008-2016)

(KPGA/KLPGA Tour Players, Juniors)


- Cheong Dam Spopia - Seoul, Korea

Head Golf Professional (2000-2007)


- John F. Byrne G.C. - Philadelphia

Head Golf Professional (1994-1998)


- Cobbs Creek G.C./US Golf Sports Center _Philadelphia Assistant/Teaching Professional (1989-1994)

Phone: (484)506-8587



Minjoo Kim

About Minjoo:

I took golf lessons from the professional golfer Mi-Hyun Kim, who won the LPGA 11 times, and studied golf for two years at the IMG Academy in Florida, which has produced many athletes. The strength of my lessons is to create a good posture that focuses on the basics of the swing and to understand the problems of learner’s swing and let them know the exact corrective point for the problem. A good posture makes a good swing, and a good swing leads to a good shot. 


LPGA에서 11번 우승을 한 김미현 프로골퍼에게 레슨을 받았으며, 많은 운동 선수를 배출한 플로리다에 있는 IMG Academy에서 2년 골프를 배웠습니다. 제 레슨의 장점은 스윙의 기본에 충실한 좋은 자세를 만드는 것입니다. 그리고 스윙의 문제를 잘 파악하고 거기에 맞는 정확한 수정 포인트를 알려 드립니다. 좋은 자세는 좋은 스윙을 만들고, 좋은 스윙은 좋은 타격으로 이어집니다.)

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